Olga Goryushkina
A counseling psychologist
I help my client to reduce their level of stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover I help them to believe in themself, find internal support and start to feel good in their lives. I am focused on quantity results.
My name is Olga Goryushkina. I have been consulting for more than 10 years. When I started, I practiced Ericson coaching, then cognitive behavior therapy and crisis counseling. From 2020 two more methods were added to my skills, there are schema-therapy and compassion focused therapy.
Nowadays, the main methods I use in my work are
schema-therapy (ST)
cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
Schema-therapy is an integrative approach that brings together elements from cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment and object relations theories, and Gestalt and experiential therapies.
ST aims to help patients understand their core emotional needs and to learn ways of meeting those needs adaptively. ST focuses on three level of changes which are emotional, cognitive and behavioral.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological treatment that is based on the idea that our beliefs about us, other people and the World affects our emotions and behavior. It is important how we interpret internal and external triggers. CBT aims to see cognitive bias and change then to more realistic and adaptive ones.
These methods are well-structured and understandable for a client. Both methods are focused on the goal to educate a client to be a self-psychologist, support themself in stressed situations using different instruments (emotional, cognitive and behavioral ones)
My vision about therapy is that there is often more about quality results in life than about quantity ones. You start to feel better even if you are in the same relationship or have the same job.
External changes are the results of internal ones. At the end you will feel your wishes, needs, find resources and time for your priorities, tell people "no", set up inspiring goals
I can help you with
low mood, depression, burnout, anxiety disorders (GAD, OCD, PTSD, phobias, situational anxiety)
crises and conflicts
feelings of loneliness and emptiness
relationships with colleagues / subordinates / manager
finding meaningful goal in professional area
managing emotions (e.g. anger)
psychological help when cancer treatment
loss of meaning in life
low self-esteem
overcoming fears
My strengths
long-term personal therapy (5+ years)
psychological degree in 2 universities (the Russian and the UK one)
additional trainings (Russian and worldwide professionals)
successful experience in business, which includes managing large projects and teams
knowing organizational psychology in practice
Zoom/ Skype/ Google meet
50-55 mins
6 000 rub*
*The price will be fixed in your currency to make it fixed and not dependable on exchange rate.
Online session rules
Make an appointment
The most convenient way for me is Telegram. However, you can use any that works for you.

Please note, I may not respond to your message quickly but I always answer the message up to the end of the current working day.
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